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BIF enables the transformation of our most important social systems: Education, Healthcare, and Public Services with student, patient, and citizen experience at their core.
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About us

The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by Saul Kaplan in 2005. With the mission to enable business model transformation by making it safer and easier to manage, BIF works in areas of high impact, healthcare, education, and public services. We take a human-centered approach – to understand the jobs customers need done, and use this insight to design new business models that will better serve them. We experiment in the real world and rely on storytelling to collaboratively engage others in the process.

The BIF Manifesto

We believe that business model innovation is on the critical path to transforming our important social systems including education, healthcare, and government. Tweaking our existing models and systems won’t work. We need to imagine, prototype, and test new models and systems in the real world.

Our Mantra is R&D for New Business Models

Business models don’t last as long as they used to. Leaders must be good at pedaling the bicycle of today’s models while simultaneously¬†exploring new ones.

Off the Whiteboard and Into the Real World

Business model innovation is a generative act. Don’t study it, do it. Go from a napkin sketch to a real world prototype and iterate until repeatable and scaleable.


When we work and learn together, we get better, faster.



Existing social systems have evolved over a long period of time. A social system is comprised of multiple business models that have figured out how to coexist together. Each business model in a social system is comprised of multiple capabilities. The path to social system transformation moves up the hierarchy, combining and recombining capabilities into next practices and new business models.

Are you wired for Change?

BIF has identified 15 characteristics common to those who are ready for change. Individuals and organizations that are good at Business Model Innovation share these traits. They understand the value and need to connect, inspire, and transform.

We call it The BIF Genome. Are you wired the same way?





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