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Veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg announced in spring 2017 that he would be retiring within the year, after reinventing himself “five or six times” since starting his journalism career in 1970.

Mossberg was a tech visionary who saw as early as 1990 how important personal computers would be. Seeing a lack of PC coverage from the non-geek perspective, he started and wrote the “Personal Technology” column in the Wall Street Journal from 1991 to 2013. Mossberg had previously spent 18 years covering national and international affairs in the Journal’s Washington bureau.

After leaving the Journal in 2014, Mossberg and Kara Swisher launched the online publication Recode and the Recode conference. Mossberg has continued to write a personal technology column at The Verge, where he has been Executive Editor. He also created the ongoing podcast, Ctrl-Walt-Delete.

Previously, Mossberg and Swisher co-produced D: All Things Digital, a major high-tech conference with interviewees such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other leading players in the tech and media industries. The gathering was considered one of the leading conferences focused on the convergence of tech and media industries.


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