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“Don’t be a star, be a galaxy.” Peter Gloor talks about his work mapping social networks by creating visualizations of the seemingly intangible relationships between people, ideas and organizations.


Peter Gloor has a unique combination of academic and industry experience. In the academic sphere, he is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Coordination Science at MIT’s Sloan School of Management where he leads a project exploring Collaborative Innovation Networks. He is also a Research Fellow at Darmouth’s Tuck Center for Digital Strategies. Peter has written 5 books and over thirty scholarly papers. His latest book “Swarm Creativity – Competitive Advantage through Collaborative Innovation Networks” appeared January 2006 from Oxford University Press. Peter is president and chief science officer of iQuest Analytics, Inc., a software developer that concentrates on discovery applications that employ temporal visualization of unstructured data to paint a graphic picture in real time of the relationships of people, ideas and organizations.

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