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Penny Baldwin’s strategy for adjusting to new challenges is to dive in and figure it out.

“You cover your eyes and you jump,” she says. “There’s no substitute for absolutely working your butt off, going to school every day of your life, asking a million questions, and learning what you need to learn.”

Baldwin’s go-to-school mentality is not just about personal transformation, but about discovering what will drive change in any business, under any circumstances at a given point in time. Her newest challenge is to move perceptions of Intel Corporation away from the old “Intel Inside” that was hidden in the PC to a new Intel that creates “amazing experiences” out in the world.

About the Summit

At the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit, 500 people come together in a historic theater to hear 15-minute stories of transformation, as 32 people from many different industries and sectors tell the stories of their creative processes, their struggles, and where they’re going in the future.

15:17 | 2016 |

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