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Vice President, Health and Wellness Services for Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island, Samuelson’s recognition of “wellness” redefines the boundaries of our current healthcare system.


Michael Samuelson is the President & CEO of The Health & Wellness Institute, a health management solutions company focused on improving quality of life at three levels—individual, community and worksite. An advocate for the integration of prevention into every consumer touch point, Samuelson travels the US to help facilitate a dialogue on the difficult challenges and potential solutions for the healthcare industry. An educator at heart and by trade, Samuelson is also one of few men to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Told he’d never regain full use of his arm following a radical mastectomy, Samuelson asked his doctor if he could climb a mountain and was told that while it was possible, the chances for success were slim. Samuelson responded by trekking across a glacier and climbing 18,000 feet to the base camp of Mt. Everest and the Kumba Ice Falls. He is also the author of Voices From the Edge: Life Lessons From the Cancer Community.

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