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Who’s says large corporations can’t innovate? Graham Milner, Executive Vice President of Global Innovation for WD-40 Company loves his organization. Call it an obsession. Call it dedication. Or call it effective branding. Milner’s goal is to leave a good impression of WD-40 wherever he goes. With a corporate culture of tenacity (it look 40 tries to get the correct water displacement formula) Milner teaches us to never quit or be afraid to change.


Mr. Milner leads Team Tomorrow, the group charged with innovation and extension of current and new brands. The current brand portfolio is: WD-40, LAVA, 3-IN-ONE, X-14, 200FLUSHES, SPOT SHOT, CARPET FRESH in the USA, 1001 in the UK and SOLVOL in Australia.

Mr. Milner has been with WD-40 Co. since 1992 in various management positions, including senior vice president the Americas with sales and marketing responsibility for USA, Canada and Latin America , vice president sales and marketing the Americas, director international (Latin America and Asia).

Mr. Milner also has an in-depth knowledge of advertising. In his last position at Phillips Ramsey, he was senior vice president, director of client services where in addition to other clients was responsible for the WD-40 Company account.

Mr. Milner holds a Bachelors of Science degree in business administration from the University of San Diego and a Masters Degree in business administration from San Diego State University.



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