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From the world of comics to news reporting to filmmaking, Gotham Chopra is full of life. Enjoy an intimate glimpse into growing up as the son of wellness guru Deepak Chopra, while finding his own path. Chopra uses comics as a platform for young people to tell great stories and re-imagine the world they live in. Let Chopra show you why we all need superheroes in our life.


Gotham is the co-founder of Liquid Comics (formerly Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation) and serves as the Liquid’s, “Producer-in-Residence.” He is the author of three books, including the comic book Bulletproof Monk for which he also served along with John Woo as Executive Producer on the feature film produced by MGM Studios. Formerly an award winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gotham reported from countless warzones and has interviewed a wide range of Global leaders – from President Bush to the Dalai Lama. He also served as researcher and lyrical adviser to Michael Jackson on the multi-platinum albums Dangerous and HIStory.


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The BIF Summit blends storytelling, co-creation, and random collisions of unusual suspects, creating the conditions for us together to imagine a better future. A future that represents a diversity of perspectives, views, identities and experiences across industries, sectors and disciplines.

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