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His shoes said it all; Dennis Littky is a colorful man! The radical educator, who has been in the business of tapping into potential for decades, isn’t afraid to be challenged–in fact, he loves it. Driven by the fact that one student drops out of school every 12 seconds in this country, he has spent the bulk of the life on a fierce campaign to correct educational imbalances.


When Dennis “Doc” Littky took the stage at the first BIF Summit, barely a dry eye was left in the audience when he finished his story. Littky is the co-founder and director of Rhode Island’s Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, more commonly known as The Met. The brainchild of Littky and his colleague Elliot Washor, The Met’s innovative high-school educational model individually tailors curricula to a student’s needs, interests and passions and then applies the academic learning at internships in the community.


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The BIF Summit blends storytelling, co-creation, and random collisions of unusual suspects, creating the conditions for us together to imagine a better future. A future that represents a diversity of perspectives, views, identities and experiences across industries, sectors and disciplines.

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