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Meet Annie Edison Taylor; the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and the heroine of Chris Van Allsburg’s newest book. In true Allsburg fashion, Queen of the Falls, captivates the reader through enchanting imagery and story of adventurous courage. A Van Allsburg story depicts odd things taking place in a familiar world, an innovators dream.


Parents, educators, and children have been known to develop a kind of obsession with the books of Chris Van Allsburg. His work appeals to diverse audiences because it is neither simplistic nor formulaic. Van Allsburg doesn’t write with an eye toward what an eight-year-old child might enjoy, but rather what he himself would like. The only consistent element in his books is the always fascinating, often mysterious, and occasionally menacing way he approaches the question “What if?” What if a boy awoke one night to find a massive steam engine in front of his house? What if a roll of the dice on a simple board game could actually bring the game to life? What if a witch had to retire her flying broom?


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