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Many of the organizations and leaders Bill Taylor wrote about in his book Simply Brilliant are people doing extraordinary things in pretty ordinary settings.

He says he found and wrote about “long-established incumbent organizations that are able to rethink and renew their industries in ways that we wouldn’t normally expect.” Two questions gnaw at Taylor right now. One, how do we extend to all sorts of industries the spirit of transformation and reinvention that we take for granted in top sectors of the economy? And two, how do we ensure that the material rewards that accrue to innovative companies reach innovators who are outside places such as Silicon Valley?

About the Summit

At the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit, 500 people come together in a historic theater to hear 15-minute stories of transformation, as 32 people from many different industries and sectors tell the stories of their creative processes, their struggles, and where they’re going in the future.

16:03 | 2016 |

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