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The room is the smartest person in the 21st century, but only if every person in the room contributes everything they have. Instead, we are told growing up that we don’t matter and we stop contributing. Angela Maiers, Founder and CEO of Maiers Educational Services, tells the story of how a classroom of students went from believing that they don’t matter to believing that their contribution can change the world. They are not asking for permission, they are simply asking you to notice and contribute to the change they are making.


Angela Maiers is an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant and professional trainer known for her work in literacy, leadership and global communications. She is a consistently energized and recognized worldwide speaker greatly impacting leadership through not only the education field, but the international business community as well. Challenging educational philosophies and business ethics, Angela strives to achieve total synergy and unstoppable energy by reconstructing the thought process of many dated ideologies.



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The BIF Summit blends storytelling, co-creation, and random collisions of unusual suspects, creating the conditions for us together to imagine a better future. A future that represents a diversity of perspectives, views, identities and experiences across industries, sectors and disciplines.

19:11 | BIF-9 |

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