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Amy Whitaker describes herself as a human Venn diagram, a person of many intersecting circles. Whitaker is an MBA with an MFA, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all trades who teaches business to artists and art to business people.

Whitaker’s focus is on what she calls the “vast middle space between creativity and commerce.” She sees the two as inevitably entwined, but suggests that we need “more language” to describe where those intersections can happen. What is common to both the creative process and business, Whitaker says, is the need to face “untemplated situations” that demand an inventive response: “You have to go all in and try something — and you might have to scrap it.”

About the Summit

The BIF Summit blends storytelling, co-creation, and random collisions of unusual suspects, creating the conditions for us together to imagine a better future. A future that represents a diversity of perspectives, views, identities and experiences across industries, sectors and disciplines.

17:16 | 2016 |

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