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Data privacy and control has become one of the fastest growing hot buttons in today’s marketplace. But what would it look like if you actually owned the rights to your personal data to decide when, where, and how it is being used? Richie Etwaru and his team at Hu-manity.co sees the ownership issue of human data as a basic human right, one that puts the power and monetization back in our own pockets.

“We need to bring together communities, corporations, and government to a place where everyone feels like they are winning,” Etwaru states. It’s time to start putting the power back in the hands of the consumer to develop an equal relationship over what is currently being bought and sold on our behalf without our input.

Listen in as we explore the socioeconomics of big data, how it affects us beyond the world of social media and into our healthcare spaces, and what we can start to do to take control of what, and how, our inherent human data is being used in the marketplace of the tomorrow.

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