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Sharing his passion, purpose, and inspiration, Philip Sheppard goes beyond the notes as he stops by for an in-house recording session, complete with a few previews of his latest work.

Taking us beyond the notes, Philip Sheppard stopped by the BIF office for a rare, in-house podcast recording to share his passion, inspiration, and motivations.

Being a musician is 90 percent perspiration, 10% inspiration, and 5 percent accounting… but I don’t actually believe in talent. I believe people have an ability to apply themselves to work, there’s the sense of being able to create opportunities and then being fully prepared for those opportunities,” he tells us.

A classically trained cellist, Sheppard shows us how to intertwine music with innovation through his imaginative process of combining and recombining notes. Having over 60 film, television, and theatrical scores under he belt, including the Star Wars Force Awakens behind the scenes Comic Con trailer, his latest releases include two new albums: his own album titled “Fall From Earth” as well as his composition for the soundtrack on the newly released video game “Detroit, Becoming Human.”

A man of undoubtedly many talents, listen in above for a special preview of his work.

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