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Referred to as the 'Jane Bond' of innovation, Nilofer has an innate ability to recognize untapped ideas and turn them into actionable realities. Her transformational thinking has launched over 100 products, netting $18B in sales and shares with us the power of positive thinking, finding your tribe, and ultimately how owning your purpose will lead to finding your personal power.

Finding the power in your own ideas is something that many of us wish to achieve, but often struggle with. Faced with opposition, many of us turn inward and stay on the safe and beaten path. But what if we were able to harness the power of our own selves, to recognize the strength in our own ideas, find what Nilofer Merchant refers to as our onlyness? We might actually lean-in to this new found power and create the meaningful change we want to see in the world, something Merchant knows more than a thing or two about.

Faced with opposition most of her career, she tells us how embracing what she calls ‘weird and wild’ ideas has led to some of her biggest breakthroughs, such as Apple’s first easy to install web-server, or a product called GoLive (later bought by Adobe), or perhaps it was one of the hundreds of products she personally launched netting in $18 Billion in sales.

How can we celebrate this onlyness and make it better known to the world? Listen in.

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