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What does it mean to incorporate innovative strategy and design thinking into your corporate lexicon? Internationally recognized as an innovative leader in design thinking as well as a customer experience expert, Jeneanne Rae shares her insights on service innovation and the customer journey as an imperative for success in the 21st-century.

At the forefront of human-centered design stands Jeneanne Rae. Her transformational thinking about the way we approach customer experience serves as the basis for which many of us think about how we deliver service today. Having pioneered the use of customer journey maps with her work on AMTRAK during her time at IDEO, Rae set the stage for how organizations can combine business analytics with best practices to become more customer-centric. Her Design Value Index has been widely valued as a way to help leaders understand the relationship between human-centered design, customer values, and the way in which we do business, providing a quantifiable value behind the science of design.



Today, Rae is bringing best practices in Customer Experience into public service through her work as Federal Customer Experience Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP in the civilian sector, driving innovation, increasing productivity, and increase strategy in the more than 22 citizen-facing agencies in the federal government.


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