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Saul Kaplan and Rabbi Irwin Kula discuss the imperative of all leaders to ask whether or not the core of what we do is actually helping people, citing the need for disruption across all domains, religion included, in order to solve our most vital problems facing our society today.

Rabbi Irwin Kula is a disruptive spiritual innovator and rogue thinker at the intersection of innovation, religion, and human flourishing. Named one of the leaders shaping the American spiritual landscape, he and Kaplan discuss implications of our connectivity and relationships as they relate to vital systems change needed across all domains. Kula’s work inspires people to live with greater passion, purpose, and creativity and has worked with the likes of the Dalai Lama to Queen Noor. Kula speaks with us how we need to take those passions and create more meaningful change for our most vulnerable people.

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