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With her eye on the ever-evolving future, Beth Comstock is a force to be reckoned with. As the former Vice Chair at GE, she led their efforts to accelerate new growth and operated GE Business Innovations, which develops new businesses, markets, and service models to drive brand value and engage partners to enhance GE’s inventive culture.

A true leading thinker and doer, Comstock joins us as a true innovation junkie to talk through what it means to have curiosity in the workplace today, the fluidity we should all be adopting in our personal and professional lives as well as the true meaning of transformational change.

Keen insights from Comstock? “If you were in business and want to be around for what’s next, you better start investing your time in learning what’s next and starting to experiment and figuring out play for what’s next. There’s a real tension in the business world today with short term vs long term. We’re expecting such perfection and efficiency that we’re not making enough room for the innovation, the imagination, and creative problem solvers that are needed today.” For more, listen in to the full episode above.

Her new book,  Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change, about summoning courage and creativity in the face of change, is now available through major retailers and can be found here.

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