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Genetic futurist and founder of the Genome Project, Andrew Hessel breaks down the landscape of our genomic future as we discuss all things emerging technology as part of our emerging tech series with our project on for Personalized Medicine by Design.

Imagine having the building blocks to create life in the palm of your hand, to be able to combine and recombine cellular data to become compounds for living organisms. Now imagine that time is now and you’re sitting in the driver’s seat for a first-hand account to witness the possibilities of the future. Andrew Hessel is doing just that.

With recent leaps in technological advancements, Hessel explains how we’ve gone from just being able to read the first human genome 13 years ago at the cost of $3B, to having a complete genomic picture for as little as $300 over the course of a day, enabling those working in that space to unlock new possibilities for solving previously unanswerable questions surrounding our own health and preventable diseases.

As I like to say, I live in the future. And I try and translate it and bring it down to earth for people, as well as go and work on the forefront and push the boundaries myself. – Andrew Hessel

By leveraging technology, Hessel goes on to explain how we are at the forefront of becoming even better, smarter, and more efficient when it comes to our health, from early intervention to accurately understanding certain prognosis and how they play out.

How are new business models emerging from this practice and what does it mean for us as individuals as we’re starting to take the business of care back into our own hands? Tune in for more.

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