Personalized Medicine by Design

A Self-Organized Purposeful Network To Transform Healthcare With Individuals and Families at the Core
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Our collaborative exploration of personalized medicine puts individuals and families at the center of the design process and bridges the exciting space between enabling agency at the consumer level and leveraging emerging technologies to transform customer experience and outcomes.

Let’s transform healthcare together.



From Tweaks to Transformation

  • Our U.S. healthcare system is leaving too many individuals and families behind.
  • It delivers a fragmented, confusing, over-specialized, unaffordable and painful experience for far too many of us.
  • Healthcare institutions are slow to disrupt themselves by leveraging new emerging technologies to transform the customer experience.
  • The healthcare system as currently comprised is unsustainable financially.
  • Healthcare is ripe for disruption. It is up to us to imagine a new healthcare model that puts individuals and families first.



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Design Principles

  • Customer experience will be at the center of our exploration and design
  • Our design objective is transformation not tweaks
  • We will design a new healthcare model not just point solutions
  • Our design process will be unconstrained by the current healthcare system
  • We prioritize learning from consumers over healthcare experts
  • We allow ourselves the freedom to explore without rushing to solutions
  • We will leverage emerging tech but through the lens of the consumer
  • Our exploration will be organic and open sourced

BIF’s Design Methodology

BIF's Design Methodology

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Our Learning Expedition Starts With a Series of Immersive Community Visits to Help Us Shift Our Lens

Transformation starts when we change our lens. We have to see, really see, the opportunity to reimagine healthcare through the lens of individuals and families. We will start by developing a deep understanding of customer experience as an actionable foundation for design.

A Series of Design Sprints Hosted by Network Members Will Help Us Imagine a New Personalized Medicine Model  


A Webinar Series Hosted by Network Members Will Help Us Assess Emerging Tech Through a Consumer Lens


Personalized Medicine By Design:

2019 Implementation Roadmap


Our personalized medicine exploration is, well, personal! All perspectives welcome. Watch from afar, share your experience, or even roll up your sleeves and play.

Online Group
Ask to be invited to join our Facebook Group with over 100 active participants connecting on all things personalized medicine.

We also welcome institutions to engage in our exploration and design process. Ask about opportunities to sponsor a Deep Dive in a focused area of interest.

Saul Kaplan, Founder & Chief Catalyst
Business Innovation Factory (BIF)

Let's Transform Healthcare Together

Our exploration is personal. We want to hear your story. Join us.

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