Taylor is an Experience Designer with know-how in all three of BIFÍs working areas _ education, healthcare, and community. It is her personal crusade to eliminate system tension and confusion through effective communication and streamlined service delivery. She gets great satisfaction from creating activities that help users share their stories and deliverables that enable organizations to bring ideas from concept to reality.


In the education sphere Taylor has worked to improve the experience of young adults transitioning from high school to college, and from college to career. As a student at Utah State University, Taylor engaged with BIF as a student researcher, uncovering insights about the college experience and acting as a team lead for the development of a user-centered student services website. As an Experience Designer, Taylor co-developed a social media and web-based prototype to aid students in their career discovery process, and designed and ran a study assessing the effectiveness of the prototype with more than 200 young adults nationwide.


TaylorÍs background in intercultural communication enabled her to effectively co-develop and co-facilitate BIFÍs first bilingual participatory design workshop series. With the findings from this work, she co-designed a clinic for the South Dallas community, tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of a diverse, low-income population.

Taylor has also worked with administrative healthcare teams, using Agile and Design Thinking methodologies to help leadership tune into the voice of families and align their efforts to serve patients most effectively.


Taylor previously performed the role of Citizen Experience Lab associate for BIF, where she built up the labÍs networks, developed project opportunities, and served as the labÍs voice on and offline.

Before working at BIF, Taylor was a news reporter and co-manager of the Utah Public Radio news team, where she wrote and produced award-winning, local-flavor stories for a statewide audience.

Taylor graduated Summa Cum Laude with bachelorÍs degrees in Communication Studies and Liberal Arts from Utah State University, where she was also named Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for her ethnographic research efforts.

Taylor spends much of her time outside of work with her church community, engaging in worship, service, and social activities. She loves to express herself through music with singing and playing the piano, and if there is a tune playing, no matter the style or venue, expect to see some dance moves.