Sarah is interested in how people interact with each other and the world around them. What began as a pursuit in fine arts evolved into a Design degree and a passion for service design.

Before joining BIF Sarah was a Service Design Associate with the Education Design Lab. As an associate, Sarah co-designed and facilitated a student workshop to better understand how credentialing 21st Century Skills could benefit students and their career seeking goals. Sarah aims to be an advocate for the user and enjoys looking at situations through multiple lenses.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s of Industrial and Interaction Design from Syracuse University where she developed practical expertise in product design, user-interface design, systems/service design, user experience and design thinking. Sarah wants to bring new approaches to understanding the design of the relationship between people and things and social systems. Her thesis project focused on how people share and store memories and what might happen to one’s memories when they die. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, exploring new places to eat, places to run, and activities to try.

She enjoys painting and can be found working on small-scale watercolors from time to time.