Michael has a passion for starting things. Whether its companies or communities, he has spent much of the last 15 years breaking new ground. He is a leader in design thinking and innovation, with a passion for making both more rigorous and more accessible.

Michael is the founder of UNFINISHED, a transformative new venture in business and design education. UNFINISHED empowers companies and people to learn the pattern language and skills of innovation, moving them from literacy to fluency to currency. UNFINISHED helps people in enterprises accelerate the journey from mind to market.

Michael is a founding member of Overlap, a unique network of front-line innovation practitioners. He also helped establish the Strategic Innovation Lab (slab.ocad.ca) a center for research and development in design, innovation and strategic foresight at the Ontario College or Art & Design. He is chief catalyst of the Unfinished Business initiative (unfinished.torchiswicked.com) to apply open source ideas and methods to the practices of business management and design. And he invented and co-developed (with Matthew Milan) Innovation Parkour, a scalable framework for training people in large organizations to become more innovative. He has led several successful start-ups and is a regular speaker at deign and business events.

A philosopher by training, Michael’s Ph.D. research examined the social history of how ideas and norms of objectivity are shaped by communities of practice.

Michael founded Moso in 2010. He has also co-founded: Foundery (an innovation lab in Toronto, 2010), Torch Innovation (2010), Overlap (peer-to-peer innovation organization 2006), Torch Partnership (Strategic and Innovation Consulting 2006), and Aegis (1999)