Jessica works as an Experience Designer. She is excited to combine her passion for education and transformative systems change in this role.

Originally from Canton, OH, she concentrated in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations as an undergraduate at Brown University. Throughout her time at Brown, she engaged in conversations and courses around the basis of social identity and inequities. These experiences led her to organize in various ways around race, education, gender, and socioeconomic status. In 2014 she co-founded and served as Chief Business Development Officer at 1vyG, the inter-Ivy first-generation college student network. 1vyG serves to increase support, mobilize, and source best practices for first-generation college students She is excited to support the Student Experience Lab’s work across all levels of education and to be a part of more innovation within the education landscape.

Jessica enjoys dancing, eating pasta, and discussing social justice–especially as it relates to her Blackness. If you are a changemaker or disrupter, however you define yourself, you will likely get along with her.