Ben is the Chief Impact Officer, at BIF, where he focuses on identifying the need for, and integrating technology into BIF’s work, as well as exploring new business models and funding strategies for the organization. Prior to joining BiF, Ben served as the co-founder, and Global Project and Partnership lead for ConsenSys Social Impact, where he led a team that developed and deployed blockchain solutions for social enterprises, NGO’s, and governments.

Ben has a Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University. While in school, he worked in constituent services for Senator Elizabeth Warren, and spent a period of time working with the Foreign Affairs Committee at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Outside of BIF, Ben advises a number of social enterprises and impact focused organizations. He is an avid reader, soccer player, and sports fan – as well as a major geek. Ben has been playing in an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign with friends from high school for almost 10 years.