Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities at Rhode Island College

How might providers re-design and/or better integrate their services in order to form next practices and new business models that will deliver more inclusive, person-centered support to the disability community in RI, in a way that enables its members to have and build great lives?

Design Challenge
  • How might we support personal agency in decision-making in order for individuals with disabilities in RI to lead fulfilling, self-directed lives?
  • How might we catalyze connectedness and deepen personal relationships in the lives of individuals with disabilities in RI in order to strengthen and increase diversity of supports?  


  • Attendance at #BIF2018, BIF’s annual collaborative innovation summit, served as inspiration for launching the project (September 13th-15th, 2018)
  • A project kickoff meeting to align values and set specific design challenges took place on Thursday, October 11th
  • Ethnographic research with users of services currently offered by participating institutions (slated for the first two weeks of November 2018)
  • Synthesis of insights from research and identification of opportunity areas and a shared ‘Job-to-be-Done’ to serve as a foundation for design
  • Conceptual design of new service models
  • A community critique of these new models
  • The creation of plans for rapid prototyping of new models designed
  • The work will culminate with a set of strategy recommendations in a final deliverable report that BIF will provide to participating agencies.
Impact Statement


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