A Self-Organized Purposeful Network To Transform Healthcare With Individuals and Families at the Core

BIF has launched a self-initiated project to create a transformational personalized medicine business model — Personalized Medicine by Design (PMxD). A model that helps individuals take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

We will not be admiring the problems of today’s healthcare system, they are well known. We are seeking to understand how individuals and families experience the current healthcare system, the pain points they face, and their job-to-be-done, as a foundation for a new transformative model.

Design Challenge

How might we design a new personalized medicine business model that puts individuals and families at the core with access to the information, tools and resources to improve their own health and wellbeing?


Over the last 14 years BIF has been designing, and testing new business models in education, healthcare, and public services. We have always seen gold in the grey space, and decided it was time to create our own business model to truly tackle some of the most challenging problems facing our social systems. Our work in healthcare has been deep and it seemed a natural place to start. What follows is the conceptual business model for Personalized Medicine by Design. Our next step, will be to take it one level deeper to an operating model for our particular use case.

To learn more: www.personalizedmedicinebydesign.com



Healthcare is ripe for disruption. It is up to all of us to make sure that we disrupt it on behalf of those being left behind by today’s system. It is up to us to imagine a new healthcare system that puts individuals and families first. We need a new system in which families have access to the information, tools, and resources necessary to improve their own health and wellbeing. We need a new healthcare system that puts us at its core.