Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE)

The Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) is working towards building a community of practice for young Christian leaders by reimagining it’s delivery model in service of impact and organizational efficiency while building the staff’s design thinking muscle.

Design Challenge

How might we strategically align FTE’s core capabilities with a new delivery model that reimagines how they deliver value for a  community of practice for aspiring leaders?

A delivery model is a vehicle through which an organization delivers value to its customers. When an organization shifts its value proposition, it must simultaneously shift its delivery model such that new initiatives are not treated as “bolt-ons.” Core to this process is understanding existing capabilities- and auditing the people, processes, and technologies that comprise them. Second is defining the core capabilities required to deliver the new customer experience; then, finally combining and recombining the component parts to ensure strong core capabilities.


BIF will create a participatory process that will assess and reimagine FTE’s delivery model, align capabilities in service of impact and organizational efficiency, and build the staff’s design thinking muscle through participatory design.

Impact Statement

In order for new business models to effectively scale and create impact, organizational core capabilities need to be assessed and reimagined to create next practices that will be treated as core to the process and not simply a ‘bolt-on.’