In partnership with Babson College, Entrepreneurs of all Kinds is rooted in a deep understanding of the experiences of entrepreneurs of all kinds and engages them in the conceptual development of wholly new experiences. BIF developed opportunities for solutions through the lens of entrepreneurs themselves and in the process, created a platform for experimentation.

Design Challenge

To understand the experience of entrepreneurs of all kinds–including new venture entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs on the inside of organizations, a masterclass that disrupts and innovates markets, and those who use entrepreneurship as a life skill — in order to design more inclusive support systems. At BIF, we believe in entrepreneurs of all kinds—that we all can learn to practice entrepreneurship, and do so in various contexts. Today’s narrative mythologizes super heroes—entrepreneurs who are born, not made. Mark. Bill. Steve. Their story becomes the only narrative of entrepreneurship—a stereotype that few can identify with, and one that does not represent the realities of today’s entrepreneur experience. By sharing the stories of entrepreneurs of all kinds, we can create relevant programs and services for entrepreneurs to test ideas within an integrated, real world environment.


We engaged over 250 entrepreneurs in interviews, observations, shadowing, and/or self documentation to give us deep insight into the entrepreneur experience.

Impact Statement

BIF created an online platform for sharing the stories of this diverse group of entrepreneurs. Insights from the research reveal opportunities for intervention and innovation. We are working to identify and establish experimentation environments in the domains of new venture creation and organizations. This work will lay the foundation for ecosystem experimentation, where programs and services for today’s entrepreneurs and future generations of entrepreneurs can be developed and tested within an integrated, real world environment.