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Written by Jessica Brown

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At most education events, other attendees will see our nametags and say ‘Business Innovation Factory? What’s up with that?!’ There are examples of new and exciting business models all around us that are bringing us enhanced experiences and increased value—from TV streaming to writing to senators from your phone. However, our education field has not seen as many transformational models or practices at the scale and impact that students desperately need.

There are major issues facing our K-12 education landscape— lack of student engagement, a teaching force that doesn’t reflect the diversity of the students, and fragmented policies and practices that make meaningful change difficult to achieve. On a systemic level, we have a lot of work to do to create a multitude of new approaches needed for a robust 21st-century education ecosystem. We need a new way of addressing education in the US — from cradle to lifelong learning. 

At the Business Innovation Factory, we answer that call to action by creating the conditions for the research and design of next practices and new business models. In education, we help leaders create new business models that tackle complex, systemic issues through human-centered design and rapid prototyping. BIF’s Student Experience Lab starts from the perspective of teachers and students and uses those insights and partnerships to create conceptual designs and prototypes that we can test in the real world.

Last month BIF’s Cheif Market Maker Eli MacLaren and Student Experience Lab Manager Jessica Brown sat down with the team at New Profit’s Reimagine Learning team for their monthly ‘Voices from the Field’ webinar series.

In this webinar we:

  1. Unpacked and explored the imperative for business model innovation
  2. Shared a proven design methodology to create business models capable of scale
  3. Took a deep dive into a case study that shows our methodology in action
  4. Shared the conditions leaders have created to amplify their innovation agendas

Check it out below!


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