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Boundary-breaking, silo-jumping, diversity-crazed, passionate, courageous headcases. That’s who catalyzes change. Despite the continued turmoil of our global economy and the daunting task that still lies ahead for so many companies to rebuild, fearless and sometimes deeply moving (Keith Yamashita, you are a gift) optimism prevailed during this year’s BIF-6 Summit. Innovators are a unique bunch. The glass is ALWAYS half full.

Our thanks to everyone – storyteller and participant alike – who made the Summit the best ever. We now move from presentation to conversation and connection. On the BIF-6 portal site you will find:

Cruise through these pages to listen and learn about the BIF-6 storytellers, comment on what you have heard, connect with each other and let’s keep the conversation going.

Connect. Inspire. Transform. Register #BIF2018