Victoria Guck

Written by Victoria Guck

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The Business Innovation Factory is thrilled to announce the launch of LunaYou: A Maternal Wellbeing Program Designed For You.  LunaYou offers women the ability to manage risk factors, track their health and wellbeing goals, and access a Wellbeing Coach to help them throughout their pregnancy, and in the first three months after their baby is born. LunaYou encourages women to share their journey with their personal support network and their Wellbeing Coach. Each woman is unique, and deserves personalized support that is both respectful, and culturally sensitive to her individual needs.

By putting each woman at the center of her pregnancy journey, LunaYou focuses on personal power, and creating the confidence needed for the woman to take charge of her pregnancy and have influence over her wellbeing, leading to better maternal health outcomes. BIF will be starting small (what we call a prototype), with just 25 women in 2020. The unique characteristics of a prototype is the ability to model a new system solution on a small scale. One key component that needed to be addressed in the prototype, was the inherent racial bias in the current healthcare system. The stress of experiencing daily racism is causing measurable harm to women and ultimately contributing to poor maternal health outcomes. We intend to model a different experience by catalyzing a micro-culture of racial sensitivity, respect, and honest communication.

How did we get here?

Over the past week I have reflected on my time at BIF and been amazed at my own transformation which has prepared me for this moment.  I have grown from a part-time bookkeeper (with two small kids at home) to an integral, full-time member of the team (with two teenagers at home). Over the past 7 years, I have been excited by many of our projects from afar, mostly from behind a screen, sometimes proofreading, but mostly doing paperwork (my strong suit), and planning our annual summit.  It wasn’t until one of our more recent projects, Teachers for Equity, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that I had actual hands-on project experience. The impact of that project both on me and on the educational community has been astronomical. It began with a few extraordinary leaders, developing communities of practice, who spread the work of equity to students, leadership, communities and beyond – it was amazing to witness the ripple effect and play a small part in that work.

Join Us!

So how does that relate to LunaYou?  Well, we have made a complete pivot at BIF during the last year focusing on our own project with all hands on deck. We have self-funded the first phase of the work and are now raising funds to give us the freedom to truly focus on LunaYou and focus on changing the lives of the women participating. Personally, I feel my past work with BIF has all been leading to this moment: The launch of LunaYou. I am so excited to begin this journey as we have been working on the assets, creating websites, developing an app, building stronger community relationships, recruiting pregnant women and so much more. With our 14 years of experience designing new business models, this is our moment, and 2020 will be our year. We have the first woman recruited and we are ready to begin the program January 1, 2020.  Please join us on our journey!