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BIF is overjoyed to share in the news of longtime supporter and BIF storyteller Alan Webber’s election as Mayor of Santa Fe!

Since the start of the BIF summit, we’ve heard from over 500 innovators across every sector and discipline who have inspired both audience and fellow storytellers alike to shift their lens, to think differently, and to take action in order to transform the world. Alan Webber’s story is no exception.

Taking to the #BIF2017 stage, Webber shared his journey from the co-founder of Fast Company magazine, to the rise of entrepreneurship, to where we are now in a  politically driven climate – and a hint of where he might be heading.

Encouraging the audience to create meaningful change through civic engagement, his ask of the audience? To run for office. To step up and make a show of support and show of voice to make a difference. The answer-back? “Run Alan, Run!”

At BIF, we believe in the power of storytelling. The power to create change. To connect, inspire, and transform. We’re thrilled to share a part in Alan’s story and be witnessing the next chapter in his, truly exemplifying what it means to inspire us all and be a changemaker.

“Once in a while you encounter a gathering that says it’s about ideas, and, well, it’s about ideas and more. It’s about a way of sharing ideas that are friendly. Honest. Comfortable. Unassuming. It’s about a way of bringing people together so they actually get to engage with each other. It’s about a mindset that is genuine. Which only happens because the people who stand behind the conference are genuine. And honestly interested in the right stuff, the real stuff, the stuff that matters. And that’s what makes BIF matter for me.”

Alan Webber, Founding Editor at Fast Company and Mayor-Elect of Santa Fe