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“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn how I can have greater impact on the human condition.” 

Here at BIF, we can hardly wait for September 16-17, when the annual BIF Collaborative Summit happens — and if we, who put on the Summit every year, are excited about it, imagine how excited the Summit-goers are! We’ve asked some past participants, and a few first-time attendees, to describe this excitement.  Up now: Dara Goldberg, who is a speaker and trainer, and also a writer who writes about leadership in the social and human age of business for publications such as Switch & Shift, the Huffington Post, and Forbes. 

We asked Dara one question: What is it about the BIF Summit that excites you the most? Here’s her answer:

I see the BIF Summit as an energy-­filled, refreshingly provocative event that brings together an extraordinary collection of people who are making our world a better place. I’m most excited to meet these amazing people and hear their stories. I especially want to connect with people who are committed to and actively helping to cultivate new generations of social leaders at all organizational levels, in all industries, all across the globe. I want to hear their insights, experiences, advice, and groundbreaking ideas. 

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn how I can have greater impact on the human condition. The Summit storytellers and attendees have such diverse vocations and avocations, as well as backgrounds, guiding beliefs, and life experiences. Some work with individuals, while others build, rebuild, and bring new life to communities, large organizational systems, or the world at large. I aim to learn from all the stories shared, onstage and off; the ideas that emerge from informal conversation; and the sparks flying from people’s ‘wow!’ moments. I want to learn new ways to be more effective in my efforts to help individuals, teams, and companies thrive. 



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