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On May 7-10, Business Innovation Factory will be co-hosting The Innovative Learning Network’s (ILN) in-person spring meeting in Charlotte, NC with an expected attendance of over 200 healthcare leaders, with our friends and partners at Atrium Health to help top healthcare leaders in the country identify pain points from the customer’s perspective and apply transformation to next practices and new business models.

This collaboration is made possible, in part, by our newest member: The Innovation Learning Network.  “We are thrilled to engage in a joint partnership with the Innovation Learning Network. ILN and BIF have a shared vision of a transforming health care system that engages patients in their own care and employs innovative new models that improve the patient experience,” said Eli MacLaren, Chief Market Maker at BIF. We are looking forward to participating in The ILN in-person spring meeting to connect with transformational healthcare leaders.

ILN is a global, membership-based organization that exists to share innovations across systems, teach innovation and design techniques, and create innovation friendships. Its mission focuses on accelerating innovation by sharing the pains and joys of transformation. “The ILN pillars are future-forward solutions, innovation techniques, and above all, friendships. It’s these unlikely friendships that drive the magic,” says Chris McCarthy, Executive Director of ILN and BIF Summit Storyteller.

Eli, BIF’s Chief Market Maker, will be co-facilitating with the team at Atrium to introduce BIF’s Design Methodology for exploring testing, and prototyping new business models. The methodology was formed to help leaders identify current pain points within their organizations by shifting perspective to the lens of the customer experience. Once the customer’s pain points are recognized, a job-to-be-done is formed based off of the fundamental problem a customer is trying to solve. The job-to-be-done will then be designed and prototyped, eventually leading to how the new transformative strategy can be tested, implemented and commercialized in the real world.

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