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The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Patient Experience Lab is pleased to announce that it will be collaborating with the Massachusetts General Hospital Healthcare Transformation Lab (MGH HTL) and Lab of Computer Science (MGH LCS) to build up the teams’ internal innovation capacity through human-centered design and storytelling.

The Healthcare Transformation Lab was founded on a mission to improve the experience and value of healthcare through collaborative innovation. The Lab of Computer Science was founded in 1964 and has enhanced the lives of clinicians, researchers, and patients with innovative healthcare technology for half a century. Both located in Boston, Massachusetts and situated within the Massachusetts General Hospital, the HTL and LCS work to connect, inspire, and support a diverse group of people as they collaborate on ways to improve healthcare.

Working with both teams and core leadership from the MGH HTL/LCS, BIF will structure, design, and facilitate a series of design sprints in a “learning by doing approach.” Through these design sessions, BIF will help to create the conditions necessary for innovation to thrive.  

Through this collaboration, the MGH team will learn to leverage internal conditions, develop human-centered design and storytelling capabilities, and catalyze innovation throughout the organization.

BIF is excited and honored to support the MGH team on their journey to build internal storytelling, human-centered design, and innovation capacity.