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Written by Elizabeth Rodgers @TheBIF elizabeth@bif.is

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In the spirit of transformation, BIF is excited to announce that in 2019 it is shifting from a single Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, RI, to create opportunities to inspire collaboration and innovation through smaller, more intimate gatherings across the country.

“One of our core principals relies on the power of storytelling. The Summit has been a space to collide with individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences and in 2019 we will focus on deepening relationships with those both in and outside our network to support our goal of bringing inspiration where it is needed most – health care, education, and public services, to create value for our most vulnerable populations,” states Chief Market Maker, Eli MacLaren.

In lieu of hosting a single event for a select audience, BIF will be leading a series of smaller, more intimate gatherings over the course of 2019, creating more spaces to connect with changemakers across the United States and enabling more random collisions of unusual suspects. “The Summit has always been more about community than an event,” states Saul Kaplan, BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst. Going on to say, “In order to truly create the conditions for collaborative innovation, we need to harness the untapped potential of our purposeful networks by creating more conditions where leaders and changemakers can connect face-to-face, to share, ideate and experiment together.”

By focusing on smaller spaces for connectivity, BIF will be taking our superpowers of storytelling and transformation to new audiences. It’s time we go from tweaks to transformation in more spaces across all silos. BIF is excited to embark on this next chapter of inclusiveness and connectivity across the US.

BIF will be announcing dates and locations in the coming weeks. To bring BIF to your town, contact Elizabeth Rodgers at elizabeth@bif.is. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


About the Business Innovation Factory:

At BIF, we believe that design strategy is critical to developing, iterating on, and spreading new models. It is an approach that helps leaders determine what to do (or make), how to grow, and where to innovate (both in the immediate term and the long term). It helps leaders work in environments that are rapidly changing and relatively volatile. Design strategy enables adaptable and flexible action plans, inherently building more resilient organizations. Ultimately, through design strategy, organizations build the capability to reimagine and actively reinvent themselves to be consistently relevant.

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