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Purposeful networks are indeed powerful, little did we know when Ben Siegel took the stage at #BIF2018, that he would be joining the BIF Team just nine months later. With a career that includes politics, foreign affairs and technology, Ben is pushing boundaries and passionate about leveraging tech for social impact. We are excited to announce that Ben is joining us as BIF’s Chief Impact Officer. Ben will focus on integrating emerging technology and new funding strategies into our business model design projects, starting with Personalized Medicine by Design.

“As BIF pivots toward directly launching new customer-centered business models with patients, students and citizens at their core we are transforming our own business model. We are focused on adding new core competencies to better integrate emerging tech and new value capture practices into every BIF business model design. I could not be more pleased and excited to welcome our friend Ben Siegel to BIF’s leadership team. Ben shares our passion for harnessing emerging technologies to unleash personal agency and new personalized business models for aligned social impact. Ben also brings an infectious entrepreneurial mindset and refreshing try-more-stuff attitude that will fit right in at BIF,” said Saul Kaplan BIF founder and Chief Catalyst.

Ben joins BIF after serving as the Global Social Impact Project and Partnerships Lead at ConsenSys. While there, Ben ideated, built, and activated the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, and led the ConsenSys Social Impact efforts in both client acquisition and the delivery of strategic initiatives, partnerships and client services.

For Ben, the opportunity to join the BIF team aligns his dedication to work in service of social impact while building on his passion for emerging technology. In Ben’s words “It’s the perfect time to be joining BIF.  We both believe that individuals, families and communities are powerfully positioned to network as catalysts for change within our vital social systems. Together we share a vision to ensure that data and emerging technologies are used to empower individuals. I’m excited by the opportunity at BIF to help design and launch new business models that catalyze the social system transformation we want and need.”

Please join us in offering Ben a warm welcome to the BIF community.

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