BIF's Design Methodology

for Next Practices and New Business Models
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BIF’s Design Methodology for Next Practices and New Business Models

BIF helps institutional leaders make transformation safer and easier to manage. Since its inception 14 years ago, BIF has been developing and integrating the next practices of human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and storytelling/engagement into all of our client project work. BIF’s Design Methodology is a four-phase framework that gives a detailed overview of the inputs, key activities, and outputs for each phase of the process.

BIF’s Design Methodology Playbook

BIF developed the Design Methodology Playbook to put all of our learnings together in a guide that will take you through the same process we use in our work. The Playbook is a detailed action plan that takes you through each of the 22 methodological steps within the four phases. It includes an accompanying workbook that contains guides and tools to help you accomplish the work.


We share our BIF Design Methodology to more clearly describe how we help institutional leaders explore and test what’s next. We also share it because at BIF, we believe that our social systems are broken and transformation becomes possible when we all share our new approaches, platforms, and tools. That’s how we get better faster, together.