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Calling all College Bound Students and College Freshmen

The Business Innovation Factory’s (BIF) Student Experience Lab is thrilled to announce our continued work with College Board. On December 1-2, Team BIF and College Board will hold a two-day student-driven workshop to transform how students search, assess and access higher education.

When it comes to college planning, students and families are faced with a million things to think about and worry over. With the dizzying array of choices out there, how do you find the college that is right for you?

What is this all about?

Participatory design changes the game from designing FOR people to designing WITH people. And that’s why we are seeking 20 students and 10 parents or guardians to commit to a 2-day (9 am – 4 pm) workshop to help us solve many of the college planning challenges facing students nationwide. It’s a unique opportunity to:

  • Work with 30 students from across southern New England (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut) along with design experts to redesign the way students search, assess and access higher education.
  • Create your own personal action plan for college list planning.
  • Obtain new life and learning skills.

Here’s where we need your help! We are recruiting a diverse group of 30 high school juniors and seniors interested or planning to attend college; college freshmen and parents or guardians involved in helping their child(ren) plan their college list. Is this you? Do you know someone who’d be perfect?

Interested applicants should fill out this form and click “submit”

Deadline for Application is Friday, November 9, 2012

Katherine Hypolite

Katherine Hypolite


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