Carl Størmer at BIF9: Keeping the Tempo

Carl Størmer takes examples from life, work, and jazz music to emphasize the importance of conversation and interaction in everything that we do as humans. A song offers structure to limit the options in which a group of musicians interact. And, you measure musicians on the quality of their interaction within a group. In this moving and emotional #BIF9 story, Størmer teaches us that in order to progress in life, you have to be open to other people's ideas and be willing to go in directions you may not expect. Because, control is for beginners and all you have is influence.

About Carl Størmer

Speaker, trainer, and musician Carl Størmer grew up in Norway with his mother, the late artist Sidsel Paaske. When Paaske died in 1980 at age 43, she left her only son with over 1000 paintings, sculptures and jewlery. Since 2005, Størmer startedRead more

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