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At BIF, we believe storytelling can change the world. We act on that belief every year with our annual BIF Summit. Explore the archive of stories through which we've been inspired, learned together, and co-created the future narrative. 

President and Chief Executive Officer


Alph Bingham is a pioneer in the field of open innovation and advocate of collaborative approaches to research and development. He is co-founder and former CEO of InnoCentive, Inc..

Coaching Executives To Shift Their Minds And Open Their Hearts

Kelley Black weaves together an unlikely combination of experience and practices to create and deliver to her clients a message of empowerment, helping them to learn and to lead from the heart, and to live a heart-centered life.

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President & CEO,

Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

Through her more than thirty years of experience, thought leader Angela Blanchard has reached an epiphany: A community should be defined by its strengths, resources, achievements and hopes – not its degree of “brokenness”. As a result of her unwavering and passionate efforts as president and CEO of Neighborhood Centers Inc., Blanchard has extended this community development framework throughout the Houston region to impact over 500,000 people a year.

Author, educator, serial entrepreneur

While Steve spent his first 21 years in Silicon Valley in 8 startups, his last decade and a half has been devoted to disrupting how we think about and implement new ventures.

His idea that large companies execute known business models while startups search for them broke new ground. And those startups need different tools than those used in existing companies. First articulated in his book The Four Steps to the Epiphany, these ideas launched the Lean Startup movement.

Founder and Creative Director,


David Bolinsky, former Senior Medical Illustrator at Yale School of Medicine, has spent his career bringing complex scientific concepts to life via digital animation. He founded the first digital medical animation company in 1984 and wowed 2007 TED-goers with "The Inner Life of a Cell." His passion is bringing the power of animation to science education.

Founder and Chairman

Icosystem Corporation

Ants and wasps that haunted him as a child should be the last thing on his mind to study as an adult, but a chance lodging snafu with a French ecologist would change his thoughts on insects forever. Eric Bonabeau is an expert in the burgeoning area of swarm intelligence—a field of research that taps into the collective and self-organizing behavior of social insects and animals to figure out complex business problems.

Executive Vice President of Product Development, CTO, and Co-founder

nTAG Interactive

Rick Borovoy is co-founder of nTAG Interactive and inventor of the world's first interactive badge specifically designed for face-to-face social networking and event data management. As the Chief Technology Officer, Rick defines nTAG's technology strategy and leads product development. Rick is considered a pioneer in social applications of ubiquitous computing, and has presented and published his work in a broad variety of global forums.

Predicting The Ways That Ever-Accelerating Technology Will Affect The Future Of Work

Stowe Boyd is a self-described post-futurist, researcher-at-large, and iconoclast. His focus is the future of work and the tectonic forces pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating post-normal era.

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The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Benjamin Franklin said if you don't watch your workers, you might as well leave a bag of money in their midst and walk away. Applying this principle of oversight to a group of scientists from esteemed institutions can be quite disruptive, according to Debi Brooks, co-founder of the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson's Disease (PD).

Visiting Scholar

Annenberg Center at USC

Co-host of the BIF1 Collaborative Innovation Summit, John Seely Brown, Chief of Confusion, is the former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and Director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) as well as Research Advisor to the Business Innovation Factory. Part scientist, part artist and part strategist, JSB's views are unique and distinguished by a broad view of the human contexts in which technologies operate and a healthy skepticism about whether or not change always represents genuine progress.

Chief Technology Officer

Procter & Gamble

Bruce Brown is the Chief Technology Officer at Procter and Gamble, responsible for overseeing the Company’s innovation program, its nearly $2 billion annual investment in R&D, and over 8,000 global R&D employees. He works to create innovations while building innovation capabilities, organizations, and systems to help P&G deliver its long-term organic growth goals, 70-80% of which is driven by innovation.

Vice President, Innovation

The Coca-Cola Company

We are entering a new era of innovation. It’s now easier than ever to communicate with and engage a global audience; to create and commercialize a new product or service; and to start a business.

Many experts believe this perfect storm of entrepreneurial stimuli is creating the next industrial revolution. Companies that adapt fast enough can revolutionize their industries and uncover new growth opportunities in others.

David is responsible helping Coca-Cola be one of those companies.