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At BIF, we believe storytelling can change the world. We act on that belief every year with our annual BIF Summit. Explore the archive of stories through which we've been inspired, learned together, and co-created the future narrative. 

Distinguished Research Scientist


Andrew Hessel was referred to as a “biohacker” in WIRED Magazine to simplify things because he claimed "practically no-one understands what I do". As a Distinguished Research Scientist at Autodesk, Hessel is a futurist and...


Disrupt Yourself

There was a time when Whitney Johnson was an Institutional Investor-ranked equity research analyst for eight consecutive years, and rated by Starmine as a superior stock-picker. Despite the allure of being so highly regarded in the world of Wall Street, Whitney is perhaps best known for her work...


The Good Life Alliance, PBC

Roberto Rivera was once labeled an “at-risk” and “disadvantaged” teen. Having been helped by educators and youth workers to turn his own life around, transforming himself from a dope dealer to a hope dealer, Roberto Rivera now works...

Chief Marketing Officer


In 2011, ten years after Pandora originated, the company created the position of Chief Marketing Officer a role filled by Simon Fleming-Wood. As Pandora’s first ever CMO Simon assumes responsiblity for overseeing the marketing, business development, and communication functions, as well as...

Author, Executive Coach, and Consultant

Naam Life Coaching/Consulting

Kelley Black intertwines her work as a strategic trusted advisor, change management consultant, and executive coach with her practices as a level 1-3 Naam Yoga Teacher and Harmonyum Healing Practitioner. This unlikely combination of practices help her to create and deliver the message of...

Charter Member and Head of Innovation and Engagement

Sanofi Pasteur & Quality Change Agents Worldwide LLC

Portrayed in Forbes as “driving some of the most award-winning and buzz-worthy employee initiatives at Sanofi Pasteur”, Celine directs Innovation and Engagement for Global Quality at Sanofi’s vaccine division. A leader in collaborative projects for business and...

Retired Founding Chairman,

Boston Scientific Corporation

John is the retired Founding Chairman of Boston Scientific Corporation and an early pioneer in the then (1970s) counter-intuitive concept of “less invasive surgery”. 

Director, Industrial Design department


Internationally recognized design and project leader Mickey Ackerman has spent decades teaching designers how to define problems clearly and then solve those problems through multidisciplinary teamwork. As Director of RISD's Industrial Design department, Ackerman established a portfolio of sponsored projects and created real-world design solutions for industry leaders such as Intel, Rubbermaid, Frigidaire and General Mills.


Extreme Networks

Vala Afshar is the CMO for Extreme Networks, responsible for global marketing and customer service and support operations. An award-winning inventor of social technologies and customer services operations, Vala is considered a pioneer in cloud computing, social collaboration, business intelligence, and customer relationship management. Vala is also the author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence.


Marla Allison is trying to do something that hasn’t been seen yet. As an artist living and working in Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, the influences on her work date back to the pre-Columbian era. So, it’s difficult to do something new under the sun.

Nevertheless, Allison brings freshness to ancient Native American artistic practices by putting her own twist on centuries-old patterns in pottery, painting and weaving, and by beautifully blending her traditionally-derived sensibilities with the best of today’s mixed media.



Scott is President of strategy and consulting firm Innosight. Scott has worked with Fortune 500 and start-up companies in industries such as media (print and broadcast), consumer products, investment banking, transportation and logistics, healthcare, medical devices, software, petrochemicals, and communications equipment.


Swat Team Partners

Randy Antik is currently CEO of Swat Team Partners. Swat Team Partners provides growth strategy consulting to marketing leaders for major corporations at the CEO/CMO level in technology, retail, marketing services, and health care. Clients/projects include: EDS, RadioShack, AMD, Agere, Neiman...