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When Walt Mossberg announced his retirement in 2017, the accolades started pouring in.

“Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it’s not your fault,” read the first sentence of his first column in 1991, many articles noted.

Mossberg created a much different approach to product reviews that not only made it easier to assess a new product but also changed how products would be designed, according to one article.

Mossberg told NPR earlier this year, "I thought, well there's a journalistic opportunity here for somebody to do two things: to represent the voice of the average person who wasn't interested in the inside of the computer but was smart and shouldn't be talked down to, and to criticize the computer industry for ignoring that person."

Along the way, noted another writer, Mossberg became “just as much of a trailblazer as the companies and products he covered: [he proved] that writers...can build businesses and brands independent of established publications….Mossberg built a brand bigger than the Wall Street Journal, fueled by the Internet and its atomitization of media.”

After decades of covering tech, Mossberg told another reporter, “Everyone in tech was always constantly being surprised and still is today. Things that were developed and invented for one purpose often had many other purposes....The idea that the big bulky PCs that we had would be really thin little laptops would be...I mean, what is the personal computer today? It's your phone and nobody had that notion in the late '70s, early '80s when this started.”

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