Teny Gross

The Principles And Practices Of Nonviolence Can Stop The Cycle Of Violence

Teny Gross recently started the Institute for Nonviolence in Chicago, inspired by his work with the Boston Ceasefire framework and with Providence’s Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence, which he launched and ran for 15 years. Gross’s conviction is that violence, like cancer, is a predictable and curable condition. His foremost emphasis is on kindness and a determination that violence is a form of negative relationship, that it is rarely random, and therefore, can be transformed by positive relationships.

The new Institute’s goal is to reduce gang- and group-related violence in specific neighborhoods in Chicago. To accomplish that, the Institute will bring nonviolence training to community settings, prisons and schools, as well as practice street outreach, victim response to violent crime, employment services, and enrichment activities.