Susan Schuman

CEO and Partner


For the past two decades, Susan Schuman has worked alongside CEOs and their leadership teams to define—and then attain—greatness for their companies. She has worked with leaders at Ann Inc., Blackstone, IBM, eBay, Facebook, Groupon, GE, Target, Starbucks, Old Navy, The CW, Lifetime, and Under Armour, among others.

Susan helped build and currently serves as CEO of SYPartners—a firm steeped in the belief that transformation of individuals, teams, and institutions requires equal parts empathy, aspiration, and a bravery to act. SYPartners Consulting's work has been recognized in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, and Fortune Magazine for its uniquely human-centered approach. The firm fuses systems thinking and creativity to help organizations in times of seismic change—the rise of a new CEO, the formulation and debut of a new business strategy, a major acquisition or divestiture, the launch or relaunch of a brand, the setting of a shared agenda with customers and the world. The firm works at the intersection of a company’s strategy, brand, and culture.

In 2011, SYPartners launched a sister company called Unstuck —dedicated to taking the 20 years of knowledge the firm's gained about transformation and bring it to everyday people. The first offering is an iPad-based app that helps people figure out how to go forward when they don’t know. Unstuck is creating a mentorship network for the rest of us—a community of every day coaches. Praised for its design and its effectiveness, the app has been written about in Oprah, The New Yorker, Lifehacker, Coolhunting, and others. Slated for release in 2012, SYPartners' next offering will be a suite of collaborative tools focused on helping managers and teams perform at their best.

Prior to SYPartners, Susan was the General Manager of Studio Archetype, one of the first, and premier web design firms in the country. She also ran her own marketing and product strategy consulting firm, and spent seven years at Apple Computer, where she was Group Manager of Worldwide Product Marketing.