Kelley Black

Coaching Executives To Shift Their Minds And Open Their Hearts

Kelley Black weaves together an unlikely combination of experience and practices to create and deliver to her clients a message of empowerment, helping them to learn and to lead from the heart, and to live a heart-centered life. She's a strategic trusted advisor, change management consultant, and a certified executive coach, and has more than 12 years of branding and marketing communications experience.

She also brings to her work deep expertise in the behavior and interactions of energy and matter, expertise learned through her practice as a level 1-3 Naam yoga teacher and Harmonyum Healing practitioner. She put together this unlikely combination after "being  blessed to be mentored by some of the top business and spiritual leaders of our time," she says. 

Kelley’s work is both values- and bottom-line driven, and her methodology creates strategies for internal change that lead to external results. Her goal is to empower her clients to make a positive impact in their organizations and in their world.

Kelley recently published her first book, This Luscious Life, which she describes as her “love letter to life”. 

Kelley's abiding philosophy is that women and men are not put here to compete with each other, but rather to partner with each other to achieve our highest, most productive operating state. "Fiercely dedicated to women," Kelley helps them move from competing with men to partnering with men — partnerships that can create more effective leaders and organizational strategies.

Kelley is based in Manhattan and travels across the globe, spending as much time as she can in Paris.