Eileen Gittins

Founder and CEO,


Eileen Gittins created Blurb to offer an elegant, flexible publishing platform that enables everyone — not just the select few, but the talented many — to create, produce, share, distribute, market, and sell beautiful print and ebooks.

Eileen loves to leverage technology to provide new ways to do valuable things. As Founder and CEO of Blurb and a lifelong reader who typically has three or four books going at once, Eileen is now at work imagining not just what books can be, but what they should be in the age of everything, all the time.

Since starting Blurb in 2006, Eileen has led the company from a startup to a high-growth company, with nearly 1.1 million book producers creating 2.8 million unique book titles, and a global footprint that extends to more than 70 countries. At its peak volume in 2013, Blurb produced more book titles in three minutes than a mid-sized publisher produces in a year.

In the prior two decades Eileen was CEO of two other Silicon Valley VC-backed startups (Personify and Verb), in addition to her earlier career as VP and GM at Wall Data, a pre- IPO software company, plus various marketing roles at Eastman Kodak Company in New York, London, San Francisco, and Seattle.

A frequent speaker on the future of books at the EG Conference and the London Author Fair, and a passionate lecturer on storytelling and the art of leadership at Insead, San Francisco State University, and California College of the Arts, Eileen has also been much celebrated in the media (Inc. named Blurb the 47th fastest growing company in the U.S. in 2010) and lauded as an entrepreneur (regional semifinalist in the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award and Best CEO in the Tech Innovations Awards).