Carmen Medina

How 'Rebels And Heretics' Bring Value To Organizations


What attracted you to the BIF Summit?

I first attended (and spoke) at BIF2010, and have come several times since then. I keep coming because I value learning through serendipity — the opportunity to learn via random collisions with new ideas.

Tell us just a bit about the subject of your BIF Summit story.

I am known as a "rebel at work", and I'm going to tell the story behind the story of being a rebel at work. The personal experiences and setbacks that contribute to the mindset of a change agent aren’t always pretty.

What, to you, is the value of sharing stories?

When we share stories we share our humanity. And if we do it honestly, we share our vulnerabilities.

Do you have a motto, or “words to live by”? If so, what is it?

Optimism is the greatest act of rebellion.

What one thing (or more, if you like) would you like Summit attendees to know about you before they hear your story?

I'm a Libra with my moon in Aquarius and Scorpio rising. My Myers-Brigg is INFP. My favorite color is olive green. My DNA test says I am 12.5% Native American, 7.5% West African, 1.3% British-Irish, 29% Iberian, .1% Yakut and .2% Ashkenazi Jew. I don't take myself too seriously.

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