Bill Herp

Innovating Air Travel With A Marketplace Model

Bill Herp founded Linear Air in 2004, spurred on by his passion for aviation as a recreational pilot. He initially conceived Linear Air as an air charter business that would leverage a new class of low-cost "very light jets" (VLJs). Herp's goal was to create a more affordable alternative for regional private jet travel.

But when the VLJ manufacturers failed, Herp was forced to re-invent his business. So Herp re-launched Linear Air as the first "air taxi" marketplace, connecting small charter airplane operators throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean with regional travelers, providing travelers direct access to thousands of airports throughout North America.

Now, in partnership with Internet travel search sites such as Kayak and Hipmunk, Linear Air is making affordable private air travel a reality for more people than ever before. In addition to leading the business side of Linear Air, Herp continues to feed his passion for flying as a professional pilot within the Linear Air marketplace.

Herp is a serial entrepreneur who earlier founded digital marketing pioneer e-Dialog, as well as Event Cellular Communications, a player in the nascent mobile telecommunications space. Herp received a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Harvard Business School.